Saturday, February 25, 2012

InstaFriday #5

Craziness.  All week long.  

Sleep?  What's that?  

Oh wait, is that the thing I barely get any of?  

Alas, my life as a college student seems to have stuck with me.  Can't break the habit.

So last Saturday: A friend and I went down to a new antique shop (the one I'm now a vendor for) and I ran into this amazingly well kept Vintage Monopoly board.  Pure wood, with the drawer, and all of its pieces present.  This was a rare occasion if I may say so myself, and it reminded me of the Scrabble board my family plays on in California.

Sunday: I spy an eye.
Oh the weird, unexplainable things people will paint onto walls...

Monday: My valentine from a good friend from last week.  The whale is just too cute ... and happy!

Tuesday: Beginnings of bridesmaids bouquets for an AZ wedding

Wednesday: Thrift-shopping ran me into this beauty.  So.... very.... pretty....
I decided at this point I'm gonna be one of the old ladies with all the vintage furniture early on in life.

Thursday: an old favorite picture of mine from Choir Tour 2010

Friday: I bought the last album that the David Crowder Band put out in 2009, and once again, I fell in love with the music (I'm a music album freak!).  I listened to this song "How He Loves Us" multiple times during work, and that evening I even heard it in worship at a concert.  The words are moving to my heart, and I hope they are to anyone who hears them.

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