Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Flower Sale

Paper flowers would be a great and unique Valentines Day gift for any person, young or old, tall or short, a significant other or a friend.  These special flowers will never fade or wilt and need no watering!  

You could even spray your perfume or cologne on them to give them a more personable scent.  

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Dozen flowers $25
Half a Dozen $13

Available colors:
Music sheets

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Good Change I've been Waiting for

I finally have set up shop at a new location!  Here are some pictures.

The new location at 922 Indie is a neat setup.  The owners made this shelf out of old doors, and added in triangular shelves.  I added in my mini flower market by hanging mason jars with wire on hooks.

I'm having to discontinue some of my colors, so I'll eventually have more space.

And of course it was Instagramed. I'm very happy with the new location and hope for the best in the future at 922 Indie!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moving the Flower Market

Last summer I put together what I called the 'Mini-Flower Market' in my space at The Things We Love.  It included a large array of vibrant colors of my simple spiral roses, allowing the customer to build a bouquet for themselves, or choose a few to attach to a gift.  The shelf I designed and build myself (with a little help from Pa).

It's time though to broaden my spectrum in the market and move my flowers and cards.  This weekend I'll set up my new space in Wichita Falls at 922 Indie, a vintage clothing and gift store.  This place is just so adorable!  There's a large selection of interesting kids toys, beautiful antiques, vintage clothing and costumes, furniture, and all sorts of quirky gifts.  It's eclectic and retro, and is located in downtown Wichita Falls, TX across from the Performing Arts Center.  The area is quite popular with regulars and brings in a pretty good crowd for the full season of musicals that are performed at the theater.