Saturday, February 11, 2012

InstaFriday #3

Another good week gone!  I was very tired most of this week, due to the nearing end of my HCG diet (oi! and that's just phase 1).  So, I naturally did not get the amount of things I wanted done, done.  But, I did take pictures, as always :)

Saturday: Last day of Master Follies 2012, and probably the last time I'll get to work backstage.  It has been a blessing to be able to work with lots of admirable, smart, and talented people.

Sunday: I finally beat Portal 2 on my own!!  GLaDOS was upset that I left, but what can a girl do?  Then I started playing co-op with my older brother.  I think he's been waiting a ridiculously long time for me to get to this point!

Monday: A few items of the artistic kind: a painting from friend Cathy (it's gorgeous), An owl clutch "Brave Little Owl" from friend Jenni, and some vintage materials I hope to use soon.

Tuesday: Oh my.  A cutting job so bad, I'm in shock.  (now on the lookout for a machine with a good deal!)

Wednesday: My brother is gracious and kind enough to allow me passage to his Netflix account.  Unfortunately some of the VERY occasional anime-type movies I've watched before create some oddities, of which the blame falls on.....let's just go with my brother may have watched something weird.

Thursday: Rain came our way and blessed us 3 times in one day, including some hail, and my favorite: thunder!  Loved it!  The air smelt so fresh, and the sky was breathtaking.

Friday: First Bad Movie Night of 2012!!  Movie of choice: Captain America with the Riff Track.  Awesomely bad.

May God bless you so much this week :)

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