Saturday, February 25, 2012

InstaFriday #5

Craziness.  All week long.  

Sleep?  What's that?  

Oh wait, is that the thing I barely get any of?  

Alas, my life as a college student seems to have stuck with me.  Can't break the habit.

So last Saturday: A friend and I went down to a new antique shop (the one I'm now a vendor for) and I ran into this amazingly well kept Vintage Monopoly board.  Pure wood, with the drawer, and all of its pieces present.  This was a rare occasion if I may say so myself, and it reminded me of the Scrabble board my family plays on in California.

Sunday: I spy an eye.
Oh the weird, unexplainable things people will paint onto walls...

Monday: My valentine from a good friend from last week.  The whale is just too cute ... and happy!

Tuesday: Beginnings of bridesmaids bouquets for an AZ wedding

Wednesday: Thrift-shopping ran me into this beauty.  So.... very.... pretty....
I decided at this point I'm gonna be one of the old ladies with all the vintage furniture early on in life.

Thursday: an old favorite picture of mine from Choir Tour 2010

Friday: I bought the last album that the David Crowder Band put out in 2009, and once again, I fell in love with the music (I'm a music album freak!).  I listened to this song "How He Loves Us" multiple times during work, and that evening I even heard it in worship at a concert.  The words are moving to my heart, and I hope they are to anyone who hears them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Happy Announcement!

So this weekend I made a big decision!  And I'm uber excited about it, and just can't wait to get started! 
I'll now be sharing a booth in a new antique (I know...oxymoron) shop with my good friend, Courtney.  Courtney owns The Dapple Apple, where she makes jewelry, sewn treasures, and crocheted scarves, hats, gloves, cowls, you name it! 

We've both decided it's time to let the markets go.  Too stressful, plus it takes away my weekends, plus its expensive, plus I'm not a Marketer.  Combined, these are the reasons we are taking our tiny businesses in a new direction: pure consignment. 

I'm so excited. 

So I'll (along with Courtney) have a location for my "shop" besides online, and will be able to quickly reference it to people who want to go out and find my handmade items. 

AND plans are underway for some bran new stuff!  I'm putting together a collection of crafting supplies, and hopefully will be rolling them out within the next few weeks.

So my weekend will be spent putting together my side of the booth, and making more inventory at home.

New location will be at 34th and University.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

InstaFriday #4

Another great week of blessings and opportunities.  

As of today I've made a big decision that will bring stress off of my mind, and more energy and excitement into a new chapter for my business.  I've made the decision, along with a good friend of mine who also is a small business owner, to push markets off the activities list, and go into a full-consignment based mindset.  I'll now only be selling my items and artwork online at Etsy and in the few stores I have leases with.  So all my concentration will be going in one direction: success!

And now to last weeks Instagram's.  I do love this app.  I've also gotten and used the app PicFrame, because I love taking multiple photos of one thing.  That or I find too many things worth taking pictures of in a day :)

Saturday: Delicious and healthy strawberries.

Sunday: The day was very cold and snowy, and so I didn't leave the house.  Fireplace and heater kept me warm and comfy while working.

 Monday: a valentine's photo booth was set up at the basketball game at LCU for Senate's Sweetheart Shooters event.  Got some lovely and cheesy photos, and some of a few of adorable couples.  

Tuesday: Valentine's Day!  My little sister and I found these awesome figurines of the California Raisins in an antique shop, and decided we would get them for Mom & Dad for valentine's, along with some chocolate covered raisins.  Clever us :)

Wednesday: I made salsa.  Oh yes.

Thursday: Large amount of flowers ready to be made pretty!

Friday: This was the first day I was allowed to eat more than 500 calories (according to HCG).  1500 calories was the amount they ask you to start eating again; this was almost difficult for me to my surprise!  So my brother and I decided that omelets were on the menu for dinner!  So yummy!

There will be some new news about my shop soon!  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

InstaFriday #3

Another good week gone!  I was very tired most of this week, due to the nearing end of my HCG diet (oi! and that's just phase 1).  So, I naturally did not get the amount of things I wanted done, done.  But, I did take pictures, as always :)

Saturday: Last day of Master Follies 2012, and probably the last time I'll get to work backstage.  It has been a blessing to be able to work with lots of admirable, smart, and talented people.

Sunday: I finally beat Portal 2 on my own!!  GLaDOS was upset that I left, but what can a girl do?  Then I started playing co-op with my older brother.  I think he's been waiting a ridiculously long time for me to get to this point!

Monday: A few items of the artistic kind: a painting from friend Cathy (it's gorgeous), An owl clutch "Brave Little Owl" from friend Jenni, and some vintage materials I hope to use soon.

Tuesday: Oh my.  A cutting job so bad, I'm in shock.  (now on the lookout for a machine with a good deal!)

Wednesday: My brother is gracious and kind enough to allow me passage to his Netflix account.  Unfortunately some of the VERY occasional anime-type movies I've watched before create some oddities, of which the blame falls on.....let's just go with my brother may have watched something weird.

Thursday: Rain came our way and blessed us 3 times in one day, including some hail, and my favorite: thunder!  Loved it!  The air smelt so fresh, and the sky was breathtaking.

Friday: First Bad Movie Night of 2012!!  Movie of choice: Captain America with the Riff Track.  Awesomely bad.

May God bless you so much this week :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

InstaFriday #2

Another week gone!  This past week is one of the busiest of my year; Master Follies!!  It's a major event back at LCU, and even though I'm not at school anymore, I couldn't help but be there to work my old job.  So I get to parade backstage while our school social clubs put on some ridiculous parody-like numbers.  This year we have a huge group of Mrs. Potato Head's, stay-at-home daddy's, British guards, baristas, cowboys, indians and pilgrims, Rosie the Riveter's, and diner waitresses.  It's MAD.  And I can't help but not stay away for every moment.

So onto some encounter's of my past week; a simple look into the life of me!

Saturday: hung out with a good friend while she dog-sat a dog named Squirrel.  True story.

Sunday: finally got down to preparing another sprint of brand-new cards!!  more to come soon ...

Monday: Needed to spend another evening preparing food for the next few days for my HCG diet.

Tuesday: I took a field trip.  My mother says it's finally catching up to me.

No, I had the change to visit LPD for my job.  Fun and random!

Wednesday:  first dress rehearsal for Master Follies '12!  I've spent 5 years watching it from the side.

Thursday: God is the master artist.

Friday: I actually had picked this up the day before, but I got to bring my new (vintage!) Singer home!  I'm so excited to be able to use it soon!