Friday, January 27, 2012

InstaFriday #1

Ahhh... Friday.  Finally.

One of my favorite blogs to read is Allora Handmade.  The woman behind it all makes a spectrum of the most beautiful necklaces, and I would love to have one in every color!  But every Friday she posts "InstaFriday", putting up all of the weeks Instagram photos.  It's neat to be able to see a little bit of her world through these simple and genuine pictures, and I believe I would now like to do the same.  I've had Instagram for awhile (on my pretty white iPhone 4S!), and I'm an addict.  I'm sure people get tired of seeing my Instagrams pop up on Facebook everyday, but I see it as a way to share a little view of how I see the world.

I'll start off with last Friday, as this will be the first InstaFriday for my blog :)

Friday: Dessert Club at work; it was my turn to make dessert, but because of HCG, I couldn't partake...

Sat: Spent the day at The Mud Room painting dinner plates for a Master Follies shoot this week.

Sun: MAJOR Texas dust storm came quickly and tore Lubbock up.

Mon: Enjoying my newest pair of Toms.

Tues: notes taken at work about an upcoming project I'm partially heading up.

Wed: WOAH!  Found these disco beauties on clearance! 
(if they contained practicality, or if I regularly went to discos, I would so own them)

Thurs:  HCG Strawberry smoothie, 10 lbs gone so far!

Fri: If I could be back at LCU, I would do it in a heartbeat. 
Thankfully I'll get to do some photography work for the entire next week,

I think these will be good for me to put together, so I can relearn to reflect upon simple blessings I'm given each day.  Till next time!