Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Happy Announcement!

So this weekend I made a big decision!  And I'm uber excited about it, and just can't wait to get started! 
I'll now be sharing a booth in a new antique (I know...oxymoron) shop with my good friend, Courtney.  Courtney owns The Dapple Apple, where she makes jewelry, sewn treasures, and crocheted scarves, hats, gloves, cowls, you name it! 

We've both decided it's time to let the markets go.  Too stressful, plus it takes away my weekends, plus its expensive, plus I'm not a Marketer.  Combined, these are the reasons we are taking our tiny businesses in a new direction: pure consignment. 

I'm so excited. 

So I'll (along with Courtney) have a location for my "shop" besides online, and will be able to quickly reference it to people who want to go out and find my handmade items. 

AND plans are underway for some bran new stuff!  I'm putting together a collection of crafting supplies, and hopefully will be rolling them out within the next few weeks.

So my weekend will be spent putting together my side of the booth, and making more inventory at home.

New location will be at 34th and University.

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  1. I think it sounds fantastic! Cant wait to see your space.