Saturday, February 18, 2012

InstaFriday #4

Another great week of blessings and opportunities.  

As of today I've made a big decision that will bring stress off of my mind, and more energy and excitement into a new chapter for my business.  I've made the decision, along with a good friend of mine who also is a small business owner, to push markets off the activities list, and go into a full-consignment based mindset.  I'll now only be selling my items and artwork online at Etsy and in the few stores I have leases with.  So all my concentration will be going in one direction: success!

And now to last weeks Instagram's.  I do love this app.  I've also gotten and used the app PicFrame, because I love taking multiple photos of one thing.  That or I find too many things worth taking pictures of in a day :)

Saturday: Delicious and healthy strawberries.

Sunday: The day was very cold and snowy, and so I didn't leave the house.  Fireplace and heater kept me warm and comfy while working.

 Monday: a valentine's photo booth was set up at the basketball game at LCU for Senate's Sweetheart Shooters event.  Got some lovely and cheesy photos, and some of a few of adorable couples.  

Tuesday: Valentine's Day!  My little sister and I found these awesome figurines of the California Raisins in an antique shop, and decided we would get them for Mom & Dad for valentine's, along with some chocolate covered raisins.  Clever us :)

Wednesday: I made salsa.  Oh yes.

Thursday: Large amount of flowers ready to be made pretty!

Friday: This was the first day I was allowed to eat more than 500 calories (according to HCG).  1500 calories was the amount they ask you to start eating again; this was almost difficult for me to my surprise!  So my brother and I decided that omelets were on the menu for dinner!  So yummy!

There will be some new news about my shop soon!  

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