Friday, February 3, 2012

InstaFriday #2

Another week gone!  This past week is one of the busiest of my year; Master Follies!!  It's a major event back at LCU, and even though I'm not at school anymore, I couldn't help but be there to work my old job.  So I get to parade backstage while our school social clubs put on some ridiculous parody-like numbers.  This year we have a huge group of Mrs. Potato Head's, stay-at-home daddy's, British guards, baristas, cowboys, indians and pilgrims, Rosie the Riveter's, and diner waitresses.  It's MAD.  And I can't help but not stay away for every moment.

So onto some encounter's of my past week; a simple look into the life of me!

Saturday: hung out with a good friend while she dog-sat a dog named Squirrel.  True story.

Sunday: finally got down to preparing another sprint of brand-new cards!!  more to come soon ...

Monday: Needed to spend another evening preparing food for the next few days for my HCG diet.

Tuesday: I took a field trip.  My mother says it's finally catching up to me.

No, I had the change to visit LPD for my job.  Fun and random!

Wednesday:  first dress rehearsal for Master Follies '12!  I've spent 5 years watching it from the side.

Thursday: God is the master artist.

Friday: I actually had picked this up the day before, but I got to bring my new (vintage!) Singer home!  I'm so excited to be able to use it soon!

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