Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Shop Update

Wow!  Where has June gone??  It's almost over with... BUT lots of work has been completed in the shop and we've gotten a new line of greeting cards out on Etsy, and on the bran-new Craft Cafe!  Since taking my Dad on as an employee in my shop, things have taken an increase in product ideas and output.  It's been fabulous, and being able to spend time with Dad has been wonderful for our father-daughter relationship.  He's really a creative man, and he's now an asset of my business.

The shop was also mentioned on a blog post by the new Lubbock in the Loop.  These ladies have been exploring Lubbock, TX and sharing their experiences as they visit small businesses, tiny restaurants, wineries, antique shops, and you name it!  You can find that blog post here.

Here's a few of my favorites from our new line of cards:

These cards and many, many others are available also at The Things We Love, on 34th Street Lubbock, TX.

And now, I'll announce that hopefully by the end of the summer, a SECOND Dollmark shop will be opening on Etsy, selling mainly paper and scrapbooking SUPPLIES!!  I'm excited, as we've been working on this for a few months now, and we've got lots of ideas that will hopefully become new products that you can use in your own projects!  

Now I'll wait for 5:00 to come around, then I get to get my nails done with my sister :)

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