Monday, November 22, 2010

So many opportunities, so very little time

I have so many opportunities to go and sell my stuff and get some advertising, but as soon as I hear about them I have no more time to even think about getting ready for it ... it's saddening, really. I'm mainly talking about the ASN Craft Fair that was this last weekend. I had heard about it during the Art Market downtown the weekend before, but knew there was no way I could possibly get ready in so little time (and a mountain of homework I had been distracting myself from really needed my full attention). So hopefully I'll be there next spring, will lots of new stuff and all my original works.
I didn't get a chance to show my newest handmade item. I made them specifically for this last month's Art Trail, but had made some last summer. I worked on them day and night, and finally perfected them. These are some of my favorite things to make!

The flowers in the picture are Gerber Daisies, from the 3D Flowers Part II from
These next ones I designed myself: Spring Primroses. My favorite.
I made almost 4 dozen of these flowers. I was naive and thought they would take the weekend to make; I worked on them every night for about 3 weeks. Haha silly me! All of these flowers are from
I was so excited to make all of these new flowers that I really stressed myself out! I even developed a cough for awhile that literally didn't go away until after the show was done. I thought that was ridiculous!
But alas, lots and lots of time and energy and willpower went into these flowers.
And lots of glue. Super glue, Hot glue, roll-on glue...

I wanted them to look as real as possible, so each and every one had to be somewhat different. I guess it's not that hard to make them all different when you're handmaking them. And luckily I didn't have to go buy paper to cut petals from, I had lots of scraps from past projects that were perfect for this. The purple pattern in this picture is from the very first canvas art I did last spring. I just love that lavender and white pattern.
These were so cute! They're really itty bitty and it was just one petal piece to cut out. Add a button and voila! Instant cuteness.

And tomorrow I'm heading home to be with my family for Thanksgiving, and I'm taking all of my stuff with me! It'll be a pajamas all day - crafting constantly - coffee & movie - take a nap when I feel like it kind of holiday. And I'll also be coming back with some completely new stuff, but it's a surprise!!

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