Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall is here!!

So I haven't been here for about 2 months. Shame on me for not writing about all of things that have been happening!! It will take me a few more posts to come up with everything that's happened. First things first? Yes.

So I was very blessed to be able to know just the right people to be able to enter myself into Lubbock's Friday-Night Art Trail. Ohhhh it was so exciting to get ready for it! I would finally have my own little display, and tons of wall space to showcase everything I started making. I literally had only my cards when I first signed up, so my inventory grew to a ridiculous size very fast! My sketch book was full of new ideas I wanted to get started on immediately, so I chose mixed media canvas art first. Here's the first one that was completed. I wanted the design to fit with the upcoming season (Fall is my absolute favorite!), and I would be able to use the design in mail-outs or something...

These were the first two I made. Neither reflected what I was seeing in my head, but I loved the way they both turned out. I wanted to do more pieces that had lyrics, or verses, or quotes by famous people or my favorite music artists. People like Regina Spektor, A Fine Frenzy, or the book of Psalms. Those are just a few; I have an entire word document full of quotes I've collected over the past few years. Quotes are beautiful things. Like little pieces of a memory, thought, or perception someone else has and is able to share. I love it.

More tomorrow? Maybe? If I find a break from my mountain of homework...

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