Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One thing I can tell you...

I've been so very busy working on so many different projects and orders, I've had no time to blog about any of it! Sadness!

Here's a few interesting new things though:
1. I now wear glasses. I've never ever had to wear them, and now I must get used to them. It really is a bother.
2. I built a website! I went ahead and did my internship this summer, and they had me build a webpage for a department on campus. As of now, it's very near completion.
3. Someone I barely know knew about my products in the shops besides the bookstore. I was so elated when she asked me about them; this whole time I've figured no one knew about it. Score!
4. My wonderful Dad found himself a part-time job as a Bible teacher!

And now for a menu of some of my latest projects, there are so many!

These small pallet canvases are a new inspiration from the girl clubs on campus, and also a development of my huge collection of club cards that are sold in the bookstore.

I won't be selling them in the bookstore, at least not now. But I hopefully will be able to sell them to individual club members, and make them customizable!

This new addition is currently on sale at Bo'Dazzled. The owner has begun to bring in many Tech-related products, and many of her sellers make Tech memorabilia. So I wanted in, and made these! Each one I make will be one of a kind.

And another... I made damask stencils and painted the back ground myself.

Then I wanted to take a twist on the same idea, and make some more inspirational canvases. This is a great quote from a Beatles song (which I constantly get stuck in my head). The canvas I used for this one had been half finished by my sister when she let me have it. So my color-palette was already set for me.

The font was fun to pick out on this one; it needed to be out of balance to go with the idea (being "hippie-ish" I suppose you could call it.) I stamped the corners with a spiral block stamp, then mod-podged over all of it to make the ink from the stamp bleed into the paper.

And yet another amazing Beatles quote that will last forever and be inspirationally iconic.

I'm still working on a few more projects, and I may get down to posting pictures. But school starts in a week, along with a musical, along with a job, etc. etc. I may not have time (oi!)


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