Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Special Gift

Recently I had a relative give a generous gift to my family, which helped us immensely. Especially me, who has no summer job at the moment (yeah...I know). My Dad reminded me to thank her properly, and so I had to think of something more than just a card or an email to send. At the time I'd been working on some house decorations that I was making by hand, and I figured I could turn that creative path into a gift. This is what I came up with:

The past few weeks I've been creating and designing this simple paper flowers. I think they're cute and quite simple and could bring a bright element to any space. I've been originally doing them for my kitchen and living room (coffee house themed with reds, browns, and warm golden patterns), but wanted to take on some perkier colors.

They're really easy to make. Each layer of the flowers are just different sizes of the same SVG from SCAL. The chrysanthemums aren't exactly like the ones from the free download I found. The others are primroses. I mod-podged the top of each flower, set aside, then looped each layer onto twisted floral wire, then looped the top after each layer was pushed to the top. Then I crumpled them or curled them; however I liked. Then I mod-podged the under side of each layer and let it dry. Then I wrapped the entire stem with floral tape. Ta-da!

I'm thoroughly thankful to those who give.

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