Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Well hello and welcome to my first posting in months!  Because I'm bad at keeping up with this blog, and I'm lucky enough to have free time AND my brain reminding me that I haven't written in forever!  Yuzah!  Some big events have occurred in the past few months; we've gotten through the summer which included another evening at the GlassyAlley for the FFAT.  I also had the chance to participate in the June Saturday Art Market at the Tornado Gallery in the Depot District of our lovely city, and then experienced the disheartening task of having to repair some of my inventory.  But things have gotten better since that incident, and better opportunities have arisen because of it.  I've got some new cards and new ideas, and now onto sharing them:

My booth at the August FFAT, with my new door card-rack

So after this show above, an unexpected rain storm hit Lubbock one night.  In the moment, this storm was a major blessing because our area, only a small part of the entire area in Texas being affected by the worst drought in over a century, was immensely dry and had had grass fires along with fires that destroyed property and homes all summer.  A few days later though I visited the gallery and my booth had been rained on; a major leak through the roof of the gallery.  So...a little cleanup took place, and the ripping apart of some items, mostly flowers.  One canvas ended up needing to be taken apart, and I'll soon fix it up all brand new.  

Tearing some of my damaged paper flowers from their stems.  Ended up playing "He loves me,  he loves me not" to help my heartbroken feelings of having to destroy my own art.  It's hard to do!  But at the same time, it did feel great to tear something apart haha.

Empty stems, awaiting some new petals.
 And some new card designs:

So there's an update of what has been happening with Dollmark!  I'll post soon about my sponsorship with the Cowtown Indie Bazaar, and some of my new plans for designs and the business.

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