Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Current Abandonment of Crafting...

I've unfortunately had to make the decision to hault on crafting anything... and that means anything, until I've completed the majority of the big projects I have to complete for school. Cause, you know, I'm graduating and all! I absolutely can't wait for May 7th to arrive! So as this no-crafting-rule continues for me, I figured an update of what I worked on a couple weeks ago would be appropriate.

Two weeks ago 2 really good friends of mine got married, and on their 3 year anniversary. It was precious, and it was the first wedding I've ever been in. So I was excited, not only for my friends, but for the fact that I could make stuff for it... oh so much stuff. This is the same bride I made the paper bouquet for back in December. Well, she has to have a lingerie shower and a bachelorette party right??? So why not make some cute favors?

These were a spur-of the moment idea the night before I left for the wedding. They're simple little pins for the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids to wear. I used all the leftover paper I had from her invitations and made the paper rosettes, then used cut-up cupcake liners for the blue layer to add some different texture. Then attached colored ribbon to the back, placed the labels lined with glitter, and a pin latch on the back. I was very happy with these, and I hope to advertise these for other wedding parties (or just regular parties!).

Then I had found these adorable explosion boxes on a blog I read (I sadly can't remember where :( ... ). Each girl got one, and it was so much fun making these. It was also great to see how happy they were when they each started looking through them.

One of my favorite responses was: After she pulls the lid off, "Oh my, I think I broke it..."


But each box had pictures of the couple in black and white, along with the girls name, a print out of 1 Corinthians 13 on love, and the date of the wedding. I had also found the perfect paper for these: a soft shade of kelly green, light blue, silver, and butterflies. The Blossoms & Butterflies stack from DCWV had a few sheets of it. Perfecto!

Here are some pictures of the inside of a few boxes:

And on another note: what's one disaster every bride fears on her wedding day? Flowers aren't delivered? A bridesmaid falling flat on her face and needing stitches...on her face. Or it could be ... the cake. The absolute and bitter fact that the cake is one glorious disaster. I watched this very disaster pan out the morning of this wedding.

Essentially, she received a 3 tier white cake that #1 was the wrong order (she didn't ask for the rectangular base layer it had) and #2 it was sagging ... like ... as we came to call it: an elephants foot. It was horrifying. So: Team Re-do the Wedding Cake (me, friend Julie, and mother-of-the-bride) went into action and pumped out this miracle of God:

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