Friday, February 25, 2011

A Free Friday Night

At last, I have a free night. To do what I please. This has been a long ... long time coming.

So I decided to spend the evening with a friend and her fiance. The poor thing is really sick, and after weeks of being busy with school and theatre, and weeks of student teaching for her, we finally get the chance to hang out! All three of us worked on homework and projects, and I concentrated on a custom order.

It's been so very nice, and a nice change from my hectic stressful schedule.

A good friend, who has also been a great customer, has asked for her own vinyl decal for her Macbook. So this'll be my first one! I've made a couple different orders of vinyl decals, first for Camp Blue Haven, where I used to go as a child, and then for Kyodai, a social club on my campus. She's really into kitsch designs. So we decided on an owl ... I'll be adding on branches later on.

I've taken a break from it for awhile, and played around on Etsy Treasuries. Here's what I made tonight: inspired by one of my favorite places to go in Lubbock. And my favorite jazz quartet, the Alma Quartet, was there tonight but I unfortunately wasn't able to go. Wanted to go so so bad though...

Tomorrow is the last basketball game of the season at LCU, and the last time I'll play with the Royal Blue Band for a game. I'll miss it next year, but for now, I'm ready to take a break ... and get to crafting.

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  1. love the treasury and decal you're making!

    sorry for the delay in checking out your blog post!

    hope to see many more awesome posts and treasuries! :)