Friday, June 25, 2010

Crafting in the Bathroom

It's not what you think. Aha.

I've been wanting to move onto different paper projects other than cards. So now I'm onto mixed media. Yes.

I moved off-campus into a new apartment with my brother, and I've taken this huge opportunity to make this place really reflect my creativeness. So to start off with the bathroom. Might as well make it pretty since I spend a bit too much time trying to make myself look pretty.

I absolutely love this verse. It's Proverbs 3:3; it's such a beautiful thing, and I think of it often.

I used paper my mom gave me for Christmas 09, and it happened to match the shower curtain I bought. (score!) So I've made this first canvas, and am planning another.

Here are some more close-ups:

I'm looking forward to making more canvas art such as this one, but maybe not as complicated and busy, haha. I didn't realize it was such a busy piece of artwork...aha, oh well, better next time.


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